welcome to the home of Yoga, Ayurveda and Holisitic Therapies in Ibiza

My joy comes from reminding people of who they are, their essence that is beyond the realm of this physical third dimension that we inhabit.  Their spirit, their eternal being and bringing them back to their power and their divinity.


There is no greater honour than being able to assist in a person's healing and spiritual journey back to the true self.


We live in a world that creates disconnection, disconnection from ourselves, our feelings, our desires, our purpose and passion.


My gift is being able to help people access on a deeper subconscious level the truth of their existence and enable them to move forward with authenticity into a life that is in alignment with their original soul blueprint.

By reconnecting with your inner self you are reconnecting with the divine within and with your potential in this universe to be more than you could have ever imagined and to create the life you were destined to lead, a life of joy, passion and abundance.

Our services include:

Reiki Healing  -  Lemurian Crystal Reiki Healing  -  Distance Healing  -  Holistic Massage   -   Aromatherapy and Massage Spiritual Life Coaching  -  Angel Card Guidance  -  Workshops

The truth is we are unlimited beings blocked only by our beliefs and our own limitations.

I work with clients to locate these blocks and beliefs so that you can truly step into the life of your dreams.  All of this is possible and more, I have moved through my own process of healing and journeying back to the self and have created a life I could have only ever dreamt of living before and I can help you do the same.  Follow my blog to follow me on my journey on the path of unlimited potential.


In this holographic universe anything is possible and you are the potential of the whole universe.

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